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SCM Lines is the carrier of choice for the logistics professional

With over 20 years of experience in the bulk, break bulk and liner trade, SCM Lines is one of a very few carriers offering project services between North America and the river ports of the Orinoco in Venezuela. The port of Palua, one of the main ports on the river, is located west on the southern bank approximately 182 miles inland from the Caribbean Sea at the junction of the Orinoco and the CaronĂ­ Rivers. The port traditionally serves the southeastern region of Venezuela where the heavy industries are established for steel, aluminum, iron ore and gold mining, hydroelectric plants, lumber factories and is the gateway to the Orinoco Belt oil producing region.



Our experience includes vessel chartering, vessel management and construction, and project management.


Track Record

SCM Lines has comfortably established a long standing reputation as the smart choice for transporting liner, heavy lift, bulk, break bulk and oversized cargo.



With our fast fleet of modern, top-of-the-line vessels, SCM Lines will deliver your cargo safely, on time and on budget. Satisfaction guaranteed!

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