Technical Specifications

Built 1990 (HINHAMA, Dockyard Co LTD, Japan)
Type Passenger / Ro-Ro Ship
Flag Venezuela
Port of Register Pampatar
Call Sign YYMR
IMO Number 8911140
Classification RINIA
Gross / Net Tonnage 2,847 / 1,591
Length O.A. / Length B.P. 96.60 m / 84.30 m
Breath (mld) 16.60 m
Depth (mld) 5.50 m
Draught at Full Load Condition 4.37 m
Draught at Light Ballast Condition 3.83 m
Displacement at Full Load Condition 3,232 MT
Displacement at Light Ballast Condition 2,642 MT
Height of Mooring Deck abv. BL at Bow abt. 12.00 m
Height of Mooring Deck abv. BL at Sterm abt. 10.70 m
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